Microsoft preps users for Windows 10 upgrade

The deadline for users to get the new free Windows 10 upgrade expires on July 29, after which you will be required to part with $119 to get the operating system.

If you are using previous versions of Windows you probably have seen a notification on the right right hand, side bottom corner of your screen, asking you to upgrade to Windows 10. If you are yet to upgrade, well Microsoft will now be pushing you to do so. 

The company has consistently been asking users to upgrade to the free version which it says is much safer with better linking features, smarter cortana, a more power efficient Edge browser, goodies for gamers and education. The company will be launching a new upgrade system where users may choose to “upgrade now” “choose time” or decline the free upgrade completely. If you miss out on the deadline you will have to wait until August 2 for another free upgrade.

According to Microsoft, more than 350 million people are currently using Windows 10 devices, with customer satisfaction levels “higher than the previous version”.

August 2 marks one year anniversary since Windows 10 launch.

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