\\ Mufasa freshly mint poetry visuals will melt a damsel’s heart

The Kenyan poet addresses his future wife in the most quixotic of ways; proposals of the unheard in the world of romance.

It is August the Eighth, a day after the oriental Valentine’s Day, when the Chinese celebrate their festival of Qixi. During this festival, the people of Far East remember two mythical lovers, Altair and Vega whose love was condemned to the heavens and their union separated by the celestial river of the Milky Way. The lovers are only allowed to meet once a year.  In the present, around the time the Altair and Vega (two brightest stars in the Northern hemisphere) had spent a blissful night, Kenyan poet Mufasa decided to drop a number for his future wife called For My Future wife. In his live performances Mufasa creates the magic out of this dreamy experience in the most satisfying fashion, stroking the desires of those whose love lingers somewhere on the surface of the caged hearts, leaving many with a smile to share and joyful tears to wipe.

As from the 8th day of August, many of his fans have a blissful smile a click away for Mufasa has interred this dreamy piece in visuals.  The six minute long video, produced by Bundi Films Kenya is a charm to behold. It has love, expectations, beauty and dreams for any romantic out there. It compels the color of love to breathe out easy and blend with the nature into a whimsical yet characteristically easy day. It is what precisely love is.

This is Mufasa’s maiden video. The sound, fashioned by Me N My Cousin Sounds, takes over the scenery and glides over charming instrumentals, turning seconds into glorifying minutes with measured patience. Sweetened by Lucas Mukethia pitch perfect vocals, the unique video definitely stands out from many attempts

The video is available here: 


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