Music Review: C-Real’s EP “Business Suits and Dress Suits”

When it comes to Hip Hop there is a lot of misconceptions on the art form, a lot of people try to lump this music in any category, most recently a lot of music that is basically pop music has been labeled hip hop, reminds me of the line from Prince’s line “Ain’t no rapper trying to be a singer” off “Hard rock Lover” a single from his Hit N Run Phase One album. The line basically summarizes what most rappers do today especially those who are commercial-focused, why can’t you just rap or sing? And if you sing you better do it damn well!

Now back to Hip Hop, I hadn’t listened to much of C-Real’s music, not the Korean band or that pop-rock band from Greece but the Ghanaian rapper, his EP “Business Suits and Dress Suits” got me digging around for more from C-Real. The quality of Hip Hop contained in the EP is what got me skimming through the internet and trying to reach out to guys from Ghana for more. He might not be your popular rapper, many music fans may not even mention him among the list of African hip-hop artists but I’m 100 percent sure some would mention him in their list of favourite rappers.

“Business Suits and Dress Suits”, is C-Real’s latest release, the EP is a collection of music that will hit you like an ocean wave before you know it you have been nodding your head for an average 18 minutes non-stop, at least I did. The EP is full of poetry laced with a lot of imagery content-wise, with gritty mellow beats.

“A Sound Mind” is the last track on the album, with an incredible mellow beat laid under a masterful spoken word piece from the rapper cum poet, the metaphorical comparison of his personality, skill and art to music or musical compositions and instrumentations makes you ‘hear’ this hungry rapper in a totally different perspective, he addresses various topics, in an attempt to bring sanity to people’s mind.

“Lifeline” the first single off the EP encourages people to be themselves, despite the struggles we go through. Before he lets us fall in love with the second track “Your Love”, he explicitly speaks to the love of his life, how they are dealing with insecurities and self-doubt and professes his love for her before letting her know all he wants is her love.

“Make it Work” is all motivation, the rapper goes all hard on this joint, putting it out there ‘go for success’ On this track, C-Real is on his raggedy and raw flow accompanied by top notch vocalism and the crispy horns. C-Real features another Ghanaian Stonebwoy on “Who Dem” a track that fuses reggae sounds, the track breaks off the laid back theme of the album cranking it up but still retains the mellow flow of the whole EP. 

The EP is a well packaged summary of reality, life, personal experiences and social issues an enjoyable listen for that classic hip hop lover. That classic golden age feel Hip Hop album.

C-Real born Cyril-Alex Gockel is a hip hop artist writer, poet and record producer he has been considered among influential hip hop artists from Ghana, with numerous musical awards to his name and has worked with a host of artists including M.anifest and Sarkodie. The rapper is currently working on his upcoming album ‘The Reality’.

Listen below:

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