Music Review: Gensu Dean and Denmark Vessey’s ‘Whole Food’

So ‘Black love’ was all laid back easy but still rugged and a definite banger, more juice comes off the project ‘Whole Food’ by Gensu Dean and Denmark Vessey, an album that is ‘everywhere’ from funk, soul, easy listening to that hard-knocking beat, but still a distinct and solid product.

There is something about Mello Music Group, and releases that come from this successful independent record label, much of it revolves around truth and realities gimmicks are kind of a ‘that doesn’t work’ thing for the group.

I’ve been listening to music from the stable for a while probably since around the time it was created and the taste doesn’t seem to fade, keeps getting more pleasant with time, from the diverse artists to the unique taste in music.

The first record I heard from Gensu Dean and Denmark Vessey was ‘Black Love’ the laid back a strange type of love, a tale of ordinary people and what is happening around communities but delivered in a peculiar context. Then stumbled upon ‘The Meek’ which is pure glory.

Then came ‘Whole Food’, it’s more of a ‘hard-knocking’ straight up banger, Denmark delivers rhymes that are serious but with a touch of humor both by the sound of it plus how he puts it out. The album is all round from politics to opinion to brutality to love, honesty and truth.

‘Whole Food’ is the title track of the album which dropped July 29, check out the duo go ballistic on the music

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