Music Review: J.C Muyonjo “If We Try” EP

Six singles, straight easy listening EP, full of ‘love’ and perspectives of life equals a “concrete” project; this would be a simple description of the Ugandan singer, songwriter JC Muyonjo December 13 release “If We Try” his latest EP project.

The EP is both captivating and enriching, satisfyingly velvety with vocal streams that sheen over sensuous guitar strums; the singles mirror a lot of the r&b, pop, experimental and contemporary soul than conformist soundscapes.  

It is almost all about different versions of love with songs such as “Won’t Let Go”, “Waiting On You” and “No Love” characterizing both the matters of the heart and co-existence on “If We Try”, with amazing lyrics that try to expose the individual’s personality with the concept of; paying it forward. Change, to peace. Muyonjo effectively manipulates his harmonics letting you dance to waves of sedative fantasies.

“Kanoonye” which means ‘let me search’ in Luganda moves you on that touch of New Jack Swing experience, a taste of pulsating rhythms, the single expresses a different side of Muyonjo’s artistry, he skillfully glides on this stream to “Classify” a kind of free wave dance tune expressing defiance.

“If We Try” packs decent music, reads of consistence, and an artist willing to explore, the fitting effect of pop that is not exaggerated on the EP, summing it all in an idealistic perception of Muyonjo as an act who is not willing to be categorized, well told on “Classify”. 

J.C Muyonjo does not lose you in the EP, he manages to maintain a kind of subconscious back and forth with his audience creating scenarios that are easy to relate to and trips calling for rediscovering.

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