Music Review: Mary Akpa’s “Unseen” EP

Here is the thing about life and its strange nature, it is an endless sphere of possibilities, a spring of endless pleasures, eyeballs we float on when we stare into each others, that unexpected from the people we would know or come to meet along the way as we fall in love it all somehow deceitfully owns pieces of our deepest part.

But the most interesting aspect of life is the feeling we get out of it, the unexplainable, and the unseen; It would be for this reason that Nigerian-born, California raised singer Mary Akpa’s latest project attempts to explore what would go unnoticed but still leave a lasting impact. From emptiness, lust, love, fantasy, jealousy, desperation and happiness and such.

“Unseen” is a tarn of wild and somewhat confined and uncontrollable sentiments, the discovery of love. The six-track EP is centered around what strums the soul in the most intimate of ways letting her lose her sense, the emptiness and elusive aptly revealed in “That Day On The Train” where she desperately tries to figure out what love is, and so on “You Stole My Heart” where her confessions fittingly bestride the sundry melody.

Mary falls into the emptiness on “Ka M Kuo Me”(empty) as the EP offers the fourth track, “I almost drowned reaching for you/I lost myself searching for you” she sings. “You Are” bears rich elegiac lyrics over crusty guitar strums, the irrational moments of passion and that upsetting missing link.

“Unseen” picks bits of the mysterious journey of love, the strong feelings we get but can’t really explain them or seem to put the fingers, relatable to nearly everyone in love, she unravels and pieces experiences together. 

The EP is a narrative of Mary’s ample talent, her gratifying abstract soul offers that touchy yet powerful subscription to understanding our intimate.

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