Music Review: We feature The Invisible’s “Patience” the album

The Invisible’s 2016 album release “Patience” is the third and most recent project from the British band after the self-titled released in 2009 via Accidental and “Rispah” (2012) under Ninja Tune.

“Patience” is a groovy album, with original compositions, a dash of African influences, acid texture and a brushing leap to soul.

As much as the album strolls off to a homier atmosphere for the trio, one can certainly feel that wave of jazz and folk, covered in synths which lure your ears to some of that funky bass, complimentary of cool but with a pop outflow characterized by the vocal elements. The compilation has kind of a different tone from their previous releases but definitely typical to The Invisible’s talent. Connan Mockasin, Anna Calvi, Sam Shepherd and Jessie Ware are among contributors involved.

“Patience” picks up with an easy welcome tune, which features vocals from Jessie Ware who worked with Dave Okumu on her 2012 successful debut album “Devotion”. The track sees Ware unctuously sing about knowing someone well but now she is not sure who they are anymore. The track has more of a Ware approach, more like the band decided to let Jessie have her way. “Save You”, “Best of Me” on the other hand peak with danceable funky tunes. These two tracks more of the band telling us, “we are here. Did you miss us?”  “Love Me Again” is another impressive work from the trio, that evident soul flow with and a definite plus boost after they enlisted vocals from Anna Calvi. Other notable tracks with that heavy electro-soul balanced between that traditional darkly-disco include “Memories” K-Town Sunset” and “Believe In Yourself”

The entire album takes us through the world smooth, rusty, wild, husky, groovy, electro-soul a bold expression of who The Invisible are, as a talented and genre-bending group. According to Ninja Tune literature the album is “a sense of joy and gratitude for being alive”. 

“Patience” is another Ninja Tune release

Who is The Invisible?

The British band is an electronic music group of three individuals led by Dave Okumu a multi-talented guitarist, producer, singer and songwriter. Tom Herbert and Leo Taylor are the other members who make the group whole. Herbert is the man behind the bass & synthesizer while Taylor is in charge of the drums. The members have been friends since teenage hood and have worked together for over a decade. The idea of forming the group was actualized in 2006.

The group has had quite an impressive stretch in the music scene, their debut album “The Invisible” was nominated for Mercury Prize (2009) and selected as ‘iTunes Album Of The Year’

Meet Dave Okumu

The Invisible frontman David Jairus Ochieng Okumu is a respected singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer. He was born in Vienna Austria to Kenyan parents and later his parents relocated to the UK after his father professor Washington Okumu placed himself into exile. I wonder how many times he has been to Kenya though.

Okumu has worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Tony Allen, King Sunny Ade, Omar, Dani Siciliano, Bilal, Anna Calvi, Sara Creative Partners, Theo Parrish among others. He got yet another Mercury recognition for his role on Anna Calvi’s debut album “Devotion” as a co-writer and producer.

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