Muthoni Drummer Queen sounds the “Kenyan Message” drums

Hip Hop has been, for the longest period, a voice for the voiceless, the kicks and snares are not just a plus to the 16-bars that would make us awe at the MC on stage but the message, the message rules.

Kenyan artist Muthoni Drummer Queen who also goes simply by MDQ has released a new single dubbed “Kenyan Message”. The politically charged tune speaks of the ills that are going on in Kenya and how the government and politicians seem out of touch with the ordinary people.

The track which pays tribute to legendary Hip Hop act DJ Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “Message” carries the much needed epistle for the people of Kenya and the ruling elite. The tune bears almost a similar theme to Grandmaster Flash’s classic hit but speaks to the Kenyan people in the most unique of ways. 

Most recently, the Kenyan doctors have been on strike for the longest of time, leading to patient deaths, almost 90 days off work. To many the government has failed to find solutions to the stalemate and is seen as a letdown.

MDQ picked the appropriate time to pass her bold message, calling for change at a time when most popular artists in her home country seem to shy away from conscious music and politics.

“Kenyan Message” is the 1st single off MDQ’s upcoming album out in April 2017.

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