Nairobi hosts an exhibition “Of The Ships Passing In The Night”

The Kenyan capital city will play host to a rare exhibition dubbed “Of The Ships Passing”.

The event set to be opened on April 27, 2016 will bring the Franco-Prussian relationship close as Goethe Institut and Alliance Francaise share this historic re-union on African soil. 

Of The Ships Passing In The Night is the first among critical conversations around the painful subject of the global migration and refugee situation. According to the organizers, the exhibition provides a snippet into some of the artistic engagements around the issue of ‘Migration and Refugees’ taking place within Kenya. A number of additional practitioners who enrich this exhibition are currently classified as refugees. 

Of interest to many will be how photography merges with other forms of visual arts to bring out some stories about migration and refugees. This exhibition comes at the time when, Kenya is one year away from General elections. The East African nation tends to split between tribal lines towards general elections a scenario that has been blamed for the violence that rocked the peaceful nation in 2007/08. It should be noted that the country’s current leaders were accused of playing a key role in the violence and were charged at ICC. The cases were eventually dropped. 

The Nairobi exhibition will be a mosaic of a kind to remind Kenyans of a painful past and also play an important role in opening doors towards the plight of the displaced. 

The following artist will display their works: Mugisho Abija, Hassan Abdirahman Barre, Muktar Bashir, Mahet Ecubay, Jackie Karuti, Kivuthi Mbuno, Noor Ali Mudey, Patrick Mukabi, Alpha Mukange Mukangala, Shabu Mwangi, Longinos Nagila, Martin Onyis, Ray Piwi, Michael Soi, Koang Thakiy Stephena, Feleke Gebryes Tariku, Hamwenayo Vivier Tresor and Willy Wambugu. 

Agence France Presse (AFP), Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) and Kenyan photographers will tell their stories through photography, the images are of harrowing experiences in of refugees and immigrants in Europe and Africa. They tell a story of struggle by governments in trying to struggle with immigrant problems among others.

The show, which runs from April 28 to May 27, is curated by Carl de Souza (AFP Chief Photographer, East Africa), Kirsten Milhan (Freelance Africa Correspondent, FOCUS-Magazine) and Thomas Mukoya (Kenya Reuters Photographer).

The exhibition has been developed by Peterson Kamwathi, assisted by Thom Ogonga

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