\\ Namibian singer, songwriter Michael Pulse

Michael Pulse is a multi-talented artist, writer with a dream of growing Namibia’s art and music industry

He’s an all-round artist from Namibia, a singer, songwriter, playwright, theater director, entrepreneur and the Winner of 2017 Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) Best R&B category

His debut album Pulsified released in 2017, was well received introducing his fans to a unique R&B sound and helped widen the scope of his reach with a touch of different fusions that proved his skill beyond the genre.

Pulse has been an R&B head for most of his life, in an article on namibia.com.na he recalls the moments he would spend with his aunt who sold food, and would play R&B music on rotation at her shop; he would later developed love for the genre as he sang along to the music from his aunt’s player. His unique type of music has garnered positive reviews around Namibia and beyond making him an artist of note and of great interest to Afroway.

The Windhoek based artist is also a key advocate of the arts in Namibia, working with ChiNamibia Arts Education for Development an organization that seeks to empower and create awareness among the children through arts and culture

Apart from writing his own music, he has lent his writing hand to other top artists in his home country; writing songs for the likes ‘Long Lost Love’ for of Bradley Anthony’s.

Pulsified provided some great hits from the artist as well as the ‘I Pray’ a single bestowed with rich metaphors, Pulse recently released ‘Bye-Bye’ featuring Australian artist Adrian Swish

Check out Michael Pulse debut album below:


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