Nas and Erykah Badu on new cinematic single “This Bitter Land”

Erykah Badu and rapper Nas work on new joint “This Bitter Land” Bitter land is a melancholy yet impressively crusty.

Erykah Badu lays down swanky vocals on strings ‘This bitter land, is far too real/ this bitter land, it does not heal’ Erykah sings about how much we get scarred by life.  Nas pulls one deeply menacing verse about the streets, and how the society attempts to choke up one’s dreams. ‘This Bitter Land’ was released exclusively by the Rolling Stone.

 The single is a featured sound track to ‘The Land’ a film produced by Nas and Machine Gun Kelly, which also stars notables like Erykah Badu herself, Pusha T and The Wire and Broadwalk Empire’s Michael K. Williams.

The film and the single will be out July 29.

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