Netflix unveils new app logo

Netflix is known for the unusual things and we are used to all that so long as they still give us the best content. The American company has done it again, they have unveiled a new logo and dropped six letters off it to simply say ‘N’ the other letters probably will be heard only in your head, at least for your app.

The red N was put on the Netflix’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and is expected to be the main logo on the NFLX, Tech30 mobile app.

Remember the other logo, red on white? should it be called old logo? But you choose… anyway here is the strange part, Netflix plans to use the logo as well, talk about brand confusion. We all know the marketing rule about multiple logos and the historic failure case studies but I bet Netflix wants to work some magic there.

There is speculation that Netflix might have settled on a single letter for its apps to ease up space on their interfaces with the aim of satisfying their customers, it should be noted that most of their products are accessed on their mobile platforms, but how much are they willing to lose as a brand? Only the market will tell.

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