New ‘Fast page’ Label Shows Which Pages Have Quick Loading Speeds On Chrome

As part of Google’s Core Web Vitals initiative, Chrome now lets users know how fast or slow the websites they are visiting are, this will be done through the link context menu on Chrome for Android and rolled out starting in Chrome 85 Beta.

Users can also manually by enabling the “Context menu performance info and remote hint fetching” here: chrome://flags, a simple long press on any link will then do the magic and reveal details on the website’s loading times. The sites that qualify for the label are those that have been historically fast for most users, Chrome can also evaluate them on a host-by-host basis if new or if not yet popular.

The Chrome Web Vitals metrics launched in May measure dimensions of web usability such as loading time, responsiveness, and the stability of content as it loads, and define thresholds for these metrics to set a bar for providing good user experience. Chrome hopes that the ‘Fast page’ label achieves a level of “transparency” into the experiences with web pages.


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