Nigeria, South Africa Authors Among Commonwealth Short Story Prize Finalists

26 candidates have been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2016.

Nigeria and South African authors make up the list of seven African nominees for the coveted award; South Africa has four finalists while three are from Nigeria.
Among the new writers from Africa is Faraaz Mahomed, a clinical psychologist and human rights researcher based in Johannesburg, others from the south are Andrew Solomon, Cat Hellisen and Mark Winkler. 

Nigeria nominees are; Lausdeus Chiegboka, Enyeribe Ibegwam and Oyinkan Braithwaite. Lausdes is a doctor who hails from Chimamanda’s famous Nuka region. He writes poetry and won second prize (Literature) in Anambra State Youth Awards in 2012.
Currently, in its fifth year, the annual commonwealth prize recognizes the best unpublished stories from the common wealth region. There were over 4000 entries for the 2016 prize. 

The regional winners, who will receive £2,500 ($3,583), will be announced on May 4, while the overall winner taking home £5,000($7,167) will be announced in September.

The following is the list of all the shortlisted stories and the authors:

Saving Obadiah, Enyeribe Ibegwam (Nigeria) 
The Driver, Oyinkan Braithwaite (Nigeria) 
The Entomologist’s Dream, Andrew Salomon (South Africa) 
The Pigeon, Faraaz Mahomed (South Africa 
This is How We Burn, Cat Hellisen (South Africa) 
When I Came Home, Mark Winkler (South Africa) 
Exorcism, Lausdeus Chiegboka (Nigeria) 
Aabirah, Sophia Khan (Pakistan) 
A Visitation, Jane Healey (United Kingdom) 
Black Milk, Tina Makereti (New Zealand) 
Charmed, Jane Downing (Australia) 
Children of the Zocalo, Don McLellan (Canada) 
Confluence, Nova Gordon-Bell (Jamaica) 
Cow and Company, Parashar Kulkani (India) 
Dirty White Strings, Kritika Pandey (India) 
Eel, Stefanie Seddon (United Kingdom) 
Ethelbert and the Free Cheese, Lance Dowrich (Trinidad and Tobago) 
Girdhar’s Mansion, Sumit Ray (India) 
Imbecile, Craig S Whyte (United Kingdom) 
Instant Karma, Vinayak Varma (India) 
Kurram Valley, Munib A Khan (Pakistan) 
Niroporadh Ghum (Innocent Sleep), Sumon Rahman (Bangladesh) (translated by Arunava Sinha) 
Space Invaders, Stuart Snelson (United Kingdom) 
This Here Land, Miranda Luby (Australia) 
Vestigial, Trent Lewin (Canada) 
Where Mountains Weep, Bonnie Etherington (New Zealand) 

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