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Nyegerians Gaiety: Nyege Nyege Festival Returns September

Buoyed by the previous successful events, the international festival will be returning this year for its 5th edition of great musical experiences featuring artists from over 30 countries.

The festival which takes place at the Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja, Uganda will feature 300 artists from various countries across the world. According to the organizers the event will be staged around five stages from 58th September.

Last year, the festival faced threats of cancellation after Uganda’s Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Simon Lokodo, banned the event claiming that the government had received intelligence that open sex, noise, homosexuality, LGBTI will be part of the four day event.

“This ugly thing called MTN Nyege Nyege is not taking place this year. We have already evaluated how much losses will come. We shall save the image of this country but not allow this to take place for the two days and one night,” the minister was quoted by The East African.

The ban did not last long however, after public outcry followed by a government meeting, the country’s Interior Minister Jeje Odongo overruled his counterpart and allowed the festival to proceed.

The 2019 festival takes cue from last year’s, the organizers have hint at an even bigger and better showcase with lots of surprises with a reflection of how far the event has come.

Nyege Nyege which means ‘the irresistible urge to dance’ in Luganda started off in 2015 and is now considered the most important 4-day international music festival in East Africa for both its one of a kind curation and its unique East African party vibe. The festival is part of a Kampala based arts collective that includes an artist residency and community studios, two record labels NYEGE NYEGE TAPES and HAKUNA KULALA as well as an artist management agency and a legendary party crew called Boutiq Electroniq.

The Festival’s aim is to showcase all the exciting development on the East African scene, to show daring projects and give a real voice to the underground, making it a highlight for both audiences and musicians alike.

Line up:

Afro Rack (UG)
Agwara Sound System (UG)
Anti Virus (TZ)
Authentically Plastic (UG)
Badsista (BR)
Bamba Pana & Makavelli (TZ)
Bill Kouligas (GR)
Bonaventure (CD/CH)
Bushali (RW)
Cad Reedah (TZ)
Camille (FR)
Catudiosis (UG)
Chabella (CI)
Chrisman (CD)
Dawa (FR)
Decay (UG)
Discolowcost (FR)
DJ Cuidado (PT)
DJ Dash (UG)
DJ Diaki (ML)
DJ Die Soon (JP)
DJ Fundi (TZ)
DJ Hash (ET)
DJ Kampire (UG)
DJ Mapao (CD)
DJ Marcelle (NL)
DJ Mufasa (KE)
DJ Takshow (TZ)
DJ Turkana (SS)
DJ Water (CD)
DJ Yan (CD)
Dogo Mjanja (TZ)
Don Zilla (UG)
DTM Funk (BE)
Duke (TZ)
Dumma (KE)
Echobase (UG)
Elvin Brandy (UK)
EQ Why (USA)
Faizal Mostrixx (UG)
Faya La Boof (UG)
Fonkodelis Arkestra (UG)
Fourmi Rouiz (MU)
Fulu Mziki (CD)
G-Low (UG)
Gooooose (CN)
Hibo (SO)
Hoden (SO)
Howell (CN/UK)
Hyph11e (CN)
Infrapa (CD)
Jako Maron (RE)
Jay Mitta (TZ)
Joao Fellipe (PT)
Josey Rebelle (UK)
Juan Atkins (US)
Kalalu traditional Troupe Kid Gringo (DE)
Kilo Vee (CN)
King Shango (UG)
Kuruku Chama (RW)
Le Fils Du Tourism (FR)
Leo Palayeng (UG)
Lord Tusk (UK)
Maraboutage (FR)
MC Chief Beka (TZ)
MC Kidene (TZ)
MC Yallah (KE)
Mczo & Duke (TZ)
Menzi (ZA)
Moesha 13 (FR/ ML)
Moustiq el la cours des grands (CD)
Nachibembe Xylophone troupe (UG)
Nana (TZ)
Naselow (UG)
Ndara Explosion
Nyagumii Chizi Band (TZ)
Obwaka (Ke)
Ocen (UG)
Oise (CD)
Olith (KE)
Omutaba and the Climbers (UG)
One 54 Collective (UG)
Opium Hum (DE)
Otim Alpha Arkestra (UG)
Palaso (UG)
Phelimucasi (ZA)
Po (FR/ GH)
Poko Poko (CD/FR)
Qwasa Qwasa (BE)
Ras Brown (UG)
Rophnan (ET)
Royal Drummers of Burundi (BI)
Sameedia (UK)
Santi (NG)
Sapienz (CD)
Saturnalia Showcase (IT)
Scotch Egg (JP)
Scrap Coco (FR)
Seeds of Datura (KE)
Selector Jay (UG)
Selektah Raffa (UG)
Shannen Sp (UK)
Shy Boi (USA)
Sir Aludah (UG)
Sisso (TZ)
Slik Stuart & Roja (UG)
Slikback (KE)
Suzi Analogue (USA)
Sven Karicek (DE)
Swordman Kitala (UG)
Talent Africa Ten Year Anniversary Showcase (UG)
Thsango le Magnifique (CD)
Tristan (FR)
Vail of Amonition (UG)
Vanga Band (TZ)
Yung Yuda (TZ)
Yungen Blakrock (ZA)
Zulu Shoko (BE)
Zzero Sufuri (KE)
and more To be announced

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