Officially Voguish: A Kenyan woman’s office style look

‘Nairobians’ most definitely do not offer a contradiction to Oscar Wilde’s observation, the women in this glorious Kenyan capital have opted for that office in style look.

Have you ever seen an official pant or skirt suit so hideous to drive you into depression? Well, I have, in fact, who said office wear has to be boring? Gone are the days when the definition of official was ‘collared and polyester’ in Nairobi ladies are going all out for that fun and unique style, so daring to be bold but stay official for that office environment, and girl do they stun!.

Today most official suits are paired with silk or chiffon tops, not necessarily bought as a single package. That little mix and match never hurts, dresses are also snaking their way to the official wear in most offices and blue-collar corridors. They are often common among female news anchors in Kenya, the chicer sirens who in some cases tend to define fashion sense among some demographics.

The dresses are paired with official blazers and statement jackets which have evolved throughout time, they come in different designs and fabrics. The blazers however have a few must-consider-rules when it comes to pairing, for a more ravishing and sophisticated look. The blazer should be well fitted and only lose if the dress has sleeves to avoid a distorted look. The dress’s neckline should match the blazer’s collar design in the sense that for a round or Chinese collar, a V-neck, cowl or scoop neckline is preferred on the other hand for a normal-collared blazer, a collared, mock turtleneck or halter neckline is the go-to wear.

The other way most of these women add that swag to the office wear, not to sound subjective since it’s my personal favorite, is the official jumpsuit. This one-piece trend does not only turn heads but also creates the illusion of long legs. Jumpsuits are these magical inventions where you get to combine your favorite dress with those swanky pants.

The jumpsuit is elegant and an all-weather outfit, subsequently most are short-sleeved. In case of a chilly weather, you can never go wrong in a statement jacket, so long as the rules of the blazer-dress combo are adhered to. When it comes to footwear, pumps or stilettos work perfectly. Kitten heels also work with these outfits if one’s preference is a low heel and you prefer flats, a pointy toe rather than a loafer-style does the trick.

On weekends, most Kenyan offices allow casual dressing, a pair of jeans is acceptable, to enhance a little seriousness and at the same time elegance to the look, they can be paired with small heels. This achieves that professional appearance. A blazer on top also works the magic for take it from me in these hallways, you have no choice but to WORK the look.

The working class woman in Nairobi bears that elegant look often trying new things, all cozy and ritzy, who would care to think of the toil when you’ve got your look? If you can keep that self-confidence in a perfect suit-up, you are straight up officially Voguish!

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