On The Reel: Nairobi showcases special screening of the classic film “Out of Africa”

The guardian describes it as “A beautifully made film, but this version of Karen Blixen’s life is thickly coated with sugar.

Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 6.6/10, a percentage of 56. Furthermore, Tomatoes’ critics consensus is, “Though lensed with stunning cinematography and featuring a pair of winning performances from Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, “Out of Africa” suffers from excessive length and glacial pacing.’ But why quibble over overrated descriptions when we can silently immerse ourselves into the world of Karen Blixen’s magic world in Africa in the movie “Out of Africa.” 

Movies lovers in Kenya will congregate at the Karen Blixen Museum in Nairobi on October 23 for a special screening of the movie “Out of Africa,” which was filmed on the very ground in 1985. It will be amazing to see the movie in ‘3D’ that’s the movie itself, and the grounds which you can relate to providing that things haven’t changed that much since ’85. 

The screening has been brought fourth Once upon a Time Nairobi an outdoor classic movie franchise organized by Golden Foot Prints Kenya. Their first movie was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” a 1961 comedy, drama and romance about a young New York socialite who becomes interested in a young man who has moved into her apartment building. The movie features Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard among others. The movie was showcased in the picturesque grounds of the Nairobi National Park in August this year. 

“Out of Africa’ will be the second movie. Shot in multiple locations in Kenya, the film is about a Danish noblewoman Karen Blixen who came to the former British East Africa and settled as a coffee farmer. While in Kenya, she fell in Love with Denys Finch Hatton. It is based on the book by the same title; the Guardian describes it as; “it is thickly coated with sugar.” The movie directed by Robert Pollack features Robert Redford (Denys Finch Hatton) and Meryl Streep (Karen Blixen). 

Despite its sort of negative review on the Guardian the movie has won seven Oscars after its release and more importantly, put Kenya on the map as a major tourist destination. It is a movie worthy spending an afternoon with friends curled up in your eighties fashion and slowly picking popcorn while you giggle as the sun sets in the lovely gardens that housed the famous Danish woman, who came conquered by love and stayed documenting part of what would make the history of Kenya. 

 “……..this film remains Hollywood’s greatest tribute to Kenya; even 30 years later, it can transport you like nothing else.” Caroline Eden (Telegraph UK) 

 “”Out of Africa” is a great movie to look at, breathtakingly filmed on location. It is a movie with the courage to be about complex, sweeping emotions, and to use the star power of its actors without apology.” Roger Ebert (rogerebert.com)

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