Papa Wemba single featuring Diamond is out

It’s finally here, the much anticipated single featuring the late legendary Congolese musician Papa Wemba and Tanzania’s sensational star Diamond Platnumz has been released.

The laid back rhumba fix “Chacun Pour Soi” dropped on June 24, 2016 and the incredible signature singing from the two artists are to die for!

The collaboration brings the best out of the old and new generations of African artists and as hinted earlier on Afroway, it is expected to propel the Tanzanian crooner to even greater heights. Diamond revealed that the two were working on the single after the death of the iconic African singer in April leading to much speculation on the date of the release. But the single release date was announced on Papa Wemba Instagram account this month.

As proof of his versatility, the iconic figure collaborated with quite a number of artists from all over and from different age groups this posthumous release is one of the best singles from the Congolese icon.

Papa Wemba, one of the most influential and legendary figures died while performing on stage in Abidjan, leaving a big gap in the African music scene. “Chacun Pour Soi” is among the tracks he had compiled for his yet to be released.

Take a peak of the single here:

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