Profile: Meet Tanzanian artist Masoud Kibwana

Lack of school fees would kill this talented artist’s dream of finishing his O level education. However, this did not deter the ambitious artist from becoming a top notch artist. Masoud, brings about vivid abstract painting in his work-tribal mark signature-that is highlighted by the Makonde cultural tattoos. The Makonde inhabit southern Tanzania and Mozambique. 

In his art, Masoud creates a movement, intertwining of subjects and colour combinations that are hard to box into African art. The vivid art tell a story of struggle and daily hassles of life. They open up a dialogue on African progressive culture and at the same time embed messages of cultural appreciation. 

The 28 year old received his initiation into the arts at the Dar Youth Art (DYA) Vocational Training Center and worked under the mentorship of renowned Tanzanian painter, Max Kamundi. He has previously exhibited his works in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Taiwan, China and Italy. Masoud’s work is in the collection of The Silesian Museum in Opava in Czech Republic. 

The current exhibition in Nairobi Kenya dubbed Tanzania Contemporary Arts Expo 2017 brings about Masoud’s latest body of works. His work, hopefully evoke dialogue on the import of different cultures especially in the deeply divided Kenya- a country where cultural affiliations have been known to stoke political feuds.  

Masoud has a studio at the Nafasi Artspace and a member of Sasart initiative in Tanzania.

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