Profile: Salum Kambi is a master of Lyrical Abstraction & Fauvism

Salum Kambi is an oil and Acrylics artists who uses palate knife and fine brush or both to create what has been described ‘as  a coming together of Lyrical Abstraction & Fauvism.’

His works are breathtaking, with an un-mistaking outlier ring to them. Kambi uses abstraction to talk about people, landscape, animals and feelings. 

After finishing his high school education, the 46 year old would be taken by a Belgian company to Uganda where he worked as an artist for three years. After his tenure in Uganda, he would go back to his country; where he worked with the legendary artist Mohamed Raza who fine-tuned his art skills. 

In his art forays, Kambi has also worked with the famous African political satirist and cartoonist Gado (Godfrey Mwampemba) among other artists.  Having no formal art training is one of the things that has inspired Kambi to work harder than most of his art peers as a result he has managed to rub shoulders with the greats and gained a lot from them. He has also worked with a group of artists in sign-making among other activities.

His hard work paid off in 2004 when he became the first Tanzanian artist whose work was selected for the Africa festival in Rome, Italy. The same year would see one of his pieces chosen for the reception building of Tanzania’s State House. 

Kambi has so exhibited in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy and Kenya.  He has also worked in the USA at the USpace Gallery.    

Kambi is among 14 artists exhibiting in Nairobi at Tanzania Contemporary Arts Expo 2017.

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