Profile: Tanzanian artist Cuthbert George Semgoja

Cuthbert Semgoja’s art stands out because of its vivacity and realism.

He has a way of capturing every nitty-gritty detail in his classic works; the droplet of sweat and the evasive shadow.  He has a way of capturing emotions, moments and different stages of interaction within the African jungle.  His art speaks volumes about love and the intricacies of nature and her flora and fauna. 

Cuthbert who is currently based at Vipaji studio at TCC Chang’ombe, loves initiating children into his craft. His time with children is spent by involving them in the arts at the same time teaching them what goes into the creative juice that flows on canvas. He has so far exhibited in different countries including Kenya where, together with his fellow Tanzanian artists, is showcasing at the Village market for the Tanzania Contemporary Art Expo 2017. 

Cuthbert knew from his early years as a child what he wanted his life to turn into. He worked his way through school and attended various art workshops and residences to achieve his goals. Many would have thought that, a born 79 person would aim for the white collar job in the civil service or the humdrum of SUV luxuries that come with the corporate sector and international organizations, but for Cuthbert, it would be the murky world of acrylics on canvas, oils and commissioned work. 

From his work, it is evident that he has no regrets. Every mark on the canvas, drop of paint and concentration – he truly pours love and passion in what he does. 

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