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Raphael Saadiq Drops New Album ‘Jimmy Lee’

The American soul, R&B singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been a man on the silent chord for a while but this time round he has resurfaced with a new project that is designed to tell the artist’s story in a different way.

The artist has maintained the throwback soul experience, his signature style, this is his first project in 8-years since his 2011 ‘Stone Rolling’ which leaned on the vintage soul and rock chords, this time round he presents a rather different sound as he tells about drug abuse with a more personal reference. The album was inspired by his late brother’s struggle with substance abuse.

The drug addiction story is personal, he expresses his brother’s drug woes but ties them to the various addictions we find ourselves battling or living with. The album features Kendrik Lamar, Brook D’Leau and Shaheed Muhammed from A Tribe Called Quest and produced by himself.

Listen to the album here:


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