Photo: Sheilla Mwanyigha/Nikki Instagram

Nikki Returns With Stunning New Single ‘Pole Pole’

After the longest of hiatuses, talented Kenyan singer Nikki has made a grand return with a new single titled ‘Pole Pole.’

The song is proof that the singer and radio host is getting better and better with time. Her stay out of active music performance has not taken anything from her. The singer, born Sheila Mwanyigha, showcases the beauty of her vocals with elegance providing us some glorious listening moments.

‘Pole pole’ is a touchy ballad written by an equally talented singer Xeniah Manasseh and features productions from Prvk, Mutoriah, Fadhilee Itulya, and Kamau Kamikaze who are all notable artists in Kenya. Dan Aceda did vocal productions on this song that was put together at Junkie Records in Nairobi.

Well, welcome back Nikki!

Check out the song below


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