\\ Rega launches turntable for Record Store Day 2018

As we gear up for the 11th year of the Record Store DayRega has announced a new limited-edition turntable to celebrate Record Store Day on Saturday 21st April.

The turntable is an improved version of two of Rega’s Award Winning decks. It’s features include; high gloss acryic skin plinth from Planar 2 and hand-built RB110 tonearm (factory fitted with a Rega Carbon Cartridge) for an improved performance.

For vinyl enthusiasts, the company has packaged a custom design mat and exclusive white platter offering premium looks and ‘truly exceptional performance’ according to Rega.

Record Store Day was mooted in 2007 by independent record store owners and employees to celebrate and spread the word. The first event took place on April 19th 2008 and now the culture is spread throughout the world.

Kenya was among the countries that held their first Record Store Day in 2017 courtesy of Crate Society and Nairobi Soul Club; two groups that are championing the revival of vinyl records in the country.

The 500  limited-edition turntables will be available for purchase from participating record stores and independent hi-fi retailers from 21st April for aprox. $370.


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