\\ Rwandan Jazz & blues artist Alyn Sano

The budding young artist brings a refreshing taste to Rwandan music as she promises more releases

Alyn Sano picked up singing as a professional career after graduating from college in 2017, but had been performing on various venues sharing the stage with top live bands from her country since 2014.

The singer, songwriter is behind some of the eclectic sounds from Rwanda, her first song ‘Witinda’ was well received earning her fans from her home country. At a time when she had to juggle between studio at class she launched her first album. She also released the groovy Ntako Bisa, a song that embodies her versatility; she drifts from the typical jazz approach to fuse pop elements on the mid-tempo dance tune with a familiarity to the afro-pop vibe.

The talented artist who’s blessed with rich vocals started out singing in a gospel choir at 15 years, then went on to perform at weddings, hotels and clubs and corporate events in the capital Kigali where she did interpretations of music from the likes of Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Recently she put out ‘Nareme Wowe’ a mellow love ballad that is already a success in Rwanda. Check out her latest release below:


Tweet: @alyn_sano@afrowayonline

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