Rwandese Singer The Ben Finally Unveils Visuals for ‘Naremeye’

It’s not your ordinary release from East Africa to be specific Rwanda, the song is calming, subtle with a bassline to calm your edgy nerves.

The Ben penned a sultry ballad with allusions to stormy tales of heavenly love that will have you hit replay as you bend to his lines. The song was released earlier this year to much acclaim and to follow it up the singer has packaged great visuals that will have you on tenterhooks to hear the entire upcoming album.

The singer has hinted at an upcoming album scheduled for release sometime this year and going by the recent release the album will definitely be worth your while. Details about the albums however remain scanty.

‘Naremeye’ was produced by Momusic and video directed by Licky & Cedru

Check out the video below

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