SABC 90% local music policy a milestone in African entertainment

South African Broadcasting Corporation SABC has introduced a new quota system that will see its radio stations play 90% local music.

The news from the country’s national broadcaster has been warmly received by various local artists who have hailed the move as a positive step toward promotion of South African culture and heritage.

The move will see the broadcaster start playing local music content from Thursday 12, 2016.

Local music stakeholders including artists and producers have engaged in a campaign-which has dragged on for years-to have radio stations play more local music with the aim of promoting local artists and talent as opposed to western music which, like any other African country had dominated the airwaves.

SABC says it will place a lot of focus on jazz, kwaito and gospel music among various styles of local music on offer. 

The same will be reflected on the public TV’s channels where local fillers will be used between shows then from July 1st the station will increase local content on TV with more commissioning editors appointed in all SABC officers to see to it that the new policy’s succeeds.

SABC’s new policy has been hailed as the greatest success in the history of the country’s music industry which is one of the biggest in Africa. 

This may arguably be described as Africa music industry’s first since content on radio stations all over Africa has a lot of music from the west especially Europe and the US.

The big question would be is it worth it? Keeping in mind that radio is not the only medium for music content and it’s up to the listen to choose what they want. On the other hand, for the artists it may mean more royalties and recognition. The issue of royalties will however continue to elicit a lot of debate.

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