Sadevillain: Sade And MF Doom Mash-Up

Not many would match MF Doom’s mastery when it comes to Hip Hop; the villain as he’s otherwise known is an MC on a higher level.

But what would happen if Doom and Sade worked on the same project? 

Well, 18-year-old British producer Seanh2k11, has figured out how the two great artiste’s would sound on his 8-track EP “Sadevillain”, the EP is a great blend of the rappers skills with the best of the legendary UK soul singer.

Doom has always had Sade on his mind and has previously incorporated samples from Sade’s ‘Kiss Of Life’ on “Doomsday” one of the masked villain’s well executed concept tracks and among his classic hits.

The young producer’s work however adds something different to Doom and Sade’s relationship. I could go on with more about the artiste’s but hey what don’t you find out yourself?

Stream the EP in full below….

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