\\ Sauti Sol release ‘Tujiangalie’, a bold message to Kenya

The sixth single off Kenyan band’s upcoming release dubbed Afrikan Sauce sees the band feature rapper-singer Nyashinski in smashing audacious hit

At a time when a lot is happening in neighboring Uganda, where the arrest of dancehall artist-turned politician Bobi Wine has sparked violence across part of the country with call to returning the power to the people. Kenyan boy-band Sauti Sol with the help of Nyashinski, has not been left behind in being real with matters affecting the people, and in almost similar tongue as Bobi Wine, the band is now addressing the people in a much bigger platform.

The band has released one of the boldest single’s dubbed ‘Tujiangalie’ in which they address a lot of issues affecting Kenya. The song has artists address matters corruption, debt, negative ethnicity, controversial election and the Twitter exchanges that are mostly a depiction of a frustrated people, most of which are informed by one’s political inclinations and a flawed system.

The song’s overall message seeks to change the people’s mindset while reflecting on their history with an assurance that they have the ability to effect change.

Checkout the single below:


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