Sauti Sol Unveils ‘Insecure’ video, Off Their Upcoming Album ‘Midnight Train’

Kenya’s famous boyband Sauti Sol has issued visuals for yet another single off their upcoming album dubbed ‘Midnight Train.’

The video has a vintage aspect, set in a record store in Cape Town South Africa with that ever refreshing image of vinyl hanging on the walls or the roof; a lady poses to listen to Savara’s voice just after flipping through various vinyl. Then we are drawn to a cinematic scene as the lady, haunted by her insecurities. The choreography depicts someone trying to fight their insecurities while also understanding their other half’s level of vulnerabilities.

The Insecure single bears a fusion of rock, R&B, soulful nuances plus riffs are stretching to the classics and the dominant Afro bop to it. The song features back up vocals from Lisa Oduor and Xeniah Manasseh. The track follows the usual Sauti Sol flow, starting with Bien singing then, transitions to Savara, then Chimano drops the wave before they all converge at the bridge for collective spirited harmonies.

The latest single follows the release of other hit singles from the album; ‘Suzanna’ and ‘Brighter Days.’

Check out the Priorgod produced video here.

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