Senegalese Hip Hop act Didier Awadi to launch latest album in Berlin

In Africa Hip Hop music is as huge as any popular music, but very few artists are into political Hip Hop.

One can count the number of artists that bear that deep political message in their music. In Kenya the political Hip Hop scene has been suppressed if I may use the word by other genres of music to near extinction but still a few artists are addressing the issues around politics with that kind of music.

From Senegal comes Didier Awadi, he has been very vocal as an artist maintaining that call for African unity in his music and has been for a while now a prominent feature when it comes to West African Hip Hop scene. Awadi music fuses traditional African styles with Hip Hop beats and an indistinguishable reggae mix. His lyrics often address issues that may be described as ‘Africa’. 

Awadi has released a total of five albums so far and each of them contains conscious lyrics that have distinguished him from a lot of artists who have attained commercial success. His sixth album dubbed La Mission is set for release in Berlin Germany June 24, 2016. Just like the previous projects La Missions is expected to take a similar approach with regard to content, the influential Positive Black Soul group founding member considers himself a true pan-African and as such he takes issues like neo-colonialism serious.

The Senegalese rapper will be performing at Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon, Revaler Str. 99 (RAW-Gelände) alongside the likes of Abass Ndiaye aka Kktar, another Senegalese Blow P and Cameroonian artist Don Tox.

“La Mission” album is expected to create a lot debate around various issues affecting Africans considering the fact that Awadi has been carrying his musical message for over 25 years, you would be wrong to assume his failure.

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