Image: Tasha Instagram

Spotlight On Ivorian Singer, Songwriter Tasha Blanca

Tasha Blanca is based out of Abidjan, the capital city of Côte d’Ivoire or otherwise Ivory Coast, she has been described as a promising artist. However, with a lean catalog, her presence and representation have not failed to attract the attention of many music fans and win many admirers’ hearts.

The young singer’s music is a definitive leap between vibrant African pop and electronic music, among her first releases, include ‘Mon Profil,’ a track she did some five years ago. Still, she blew up with her 2018 release titled ‘Samedi Soir,’ a song through which she ticked all boxes that define her music indicative of where she is headed as an artist. The song is a celebration of life and all the excitement that one exceptional Saturday night party brings.

Last year she had a change of plans with her hit song ‘Changement de Programme,’ her intoxicating rhythms and electronic vibe brought to life by her vocals would come alive on this piece of music. The track continued her party theme, which is central in her creations so far.

The management graduate would set up her own music label, dubbed Blanca Prod’s, the distribution platform for her music. Her 2018 and subsequent releases have enjoyed the distribution benefit her label offered thanks to the young artist’s creative genius.

This year, she released yet another single, a continuation of the afrobeats, pop, R&B, and electronic music vibe but with a wavy mellow touch to it titled ‘A Ya Yaie.’ She is in a vulnerable state on the song and is longing for affection from her lover who promised to be there wither but has not honored the promise; she’s going crazy because, in her lonely place, everything she sees reminds her of the man far away. The video was directed by Kpleuss \and produced by her own label.


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