Stacking Up: Blanche Bailly Drops Visuals For ‘Argent’

The quest for money doesn’t end and Blanche knows this too well. The Cameroonian singer has put out a new track and it is all about the quest for money.

Blanche has released visuals of the song first released a few weeks ago. The song is a straight banger and dominantly so, the singer takes over productions by I.V.O. The singer speaks of how we are in an endless race to chase money and in so many ways the race doesn’t seem to end.

The video directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens shows Blanche engaging in various hustles common to us as a representation of our quest for money. if the gleaming and bold jam is any indication, Ms Bailly is destined to impress even more with further releases. Check out the visuals here:

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