Starred \\ Interview with Kenyan artist Kahvinya

Conversation with Kenyan singer, songwriter Kahvinya on her music life and inspirations

Kahvinya is one of Kenya’s music industry best kept secret, the singer who otherwise goes by the moniker ‘Empress’ is an artists out to break boundaries. The artist’s music catalog boasts of great music that transcends various genres with admirable experimentation that denotes freedom and boldness. Her sprite vocals tell stories in the most delightful ways as she works her magic on varied rhythms and styles. The young singer recently unveiled Niwe a song off her upcoming EP and exposes her incredibly fashioned Afrobeat style. 

Afroway got a chance for an interview with the singer who’s currently working on her next EP dubbed Empressive.

Afroway: Hey, we’ve been really looking forward to this. How has your year been so far?

Kahvinya: Hey! My year has been fantastic so far, mostly busy as I am working on a number of projects including my upcoming EP, Empressive. 

Afroway: Tell us some-bit about Kahvinya, the artist…

Kahvinya: aka Empress is an artist that takes heart in expression, experiment and inspiration. I am always willing to learn and relearn as long as I stay true to myself and the art.

Afroway: What or who is your greatest inspiration as an artist?

Kahvinya: Existence is my greatest inspiration. Life and everything odd and, or beautiful it comes with. When it comes to artists, I’d say Erykah badu, Yemi Alade, Bob Marley and many others.

Afroway: How do you define your music?

Kahvinya: Music according to me is the most honest form of expression.

Afroway: Any other genres you are exploring or have explored? 

Kahvinya: I am currently experimenting with Afrobeat music and looking to experiment with as many genres as I can. 

Afroway: Why do you lean towards them?

Kahvinya: I have no reason as to why I lean towards the genres but as for experimentation, I find that it is key for growth…and it’s a lot of fun! 

Afroway: How is it like playing with sounds and ideas for you?

Kahvinya: I am sort of a perfectionist when it comes to my work but I’m learning to let art take the wheel….

Afroway: Tell us about NIWE and how it was working with Jason Kalinga & Emino

Kahvinya: So I was looking for beats online when I stumbled upon this free beat by Emino. Just around 10 seconds into the beat and I was already humming melodies. I downloaded it on my phone then wrote the first verse and chorus within not more than 30 minutes. I tried writing a second verse but it was just not working out. I replayed the beat over and over then…BOOM! It came to me that only Jason Kalinga would do it justice, I could even hear it! So I sent him the beat then he sent me his verse later on, and we recorded. This track is very different from the stuff JK and I have been doing, so it was fun for the both of us. 

Afroway: Now from another barrel, what makes you happy and why?

Kahvinya: One of the things I enjoy is physical activity. By this I mean working out, yoga and all that. Taking care of myself is very essential and when I finish a good workout and conquer those weights or that session, I feel fulfilled and/ or even happy. 

Afroway: Out of the blue, how does your artistic desk or working space look like cluttered or neat?

Kahvinya: Depends lol. Most of the time it’s neat but that’s only because I can’t stand my space being overly untidy. It can definitely get messy though! I gotta do what I gotta do, I’ll clean up later haha. 

Afroway: What should we expect off your next creation the Empressive EP?

Kahvinya: Afrobeat magic. Expect to dance. Expect to see and hear a different side of Kahvinya.

Afroway: Thanks for this and have the best days out here… 


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