Starred: M.anifest enlists the help of Brymo on new single “Sugar”

The first time I heard Ghanaian Hip Hop act M.anifest was some seven years ago on a track featuring himself, Krukid, Budo (the A.R.M) and Brother Ali titled ‘Heaven Only Knows’, lord knows that is hell of a track, forward to today, the guy has transformed to an even better MC. 

M.anifest always held that African and Ghana in him in high esteem, at least as far as his music goes, something that many African Hip Hop acts have failed to keep. Hip Hop heads know the more an artist maintains originality and acknowledge their roots the more respectable they are.

‘Sugar’ is M.anifest’s latest single, he features Nigerian act Byrmo whose voice brims on the classy strings and percussion fusions, talking highlife samples here. M.anifest verses are narratives about love, lies, relationships and the women in our lives and how many of us fall to manipulation as a result of insecurities and the need to be loved.  

“Bachelors and spinsters, Kwashieman to Spintex/Looks like we all want someone with looks to impress/Oh pretty shitty a pity I know that beauty lies/She could be sweetie pie or ugly in disguise/Ferragamo her ammo, Giuseppe customized/ Bag and shoes addict, one hell of a vice/I no be your daddy how dare I give you advice?/” Manifest quips on the first verse.

M.anifest records how money corrupts morals and the extends people go to fulfil their wants rather than needs ‘know a guy whose charm is unemployed, it never works/But he has dough and having dough has it’s perks/I know a stunning cunning girl who can cook and twerk/Chale relax no punchlines it’s just facts/Some dey chill only in places with expats/Some go pay cash to never have their ex back/And when it’s pitch black you fit to find rich cats/Thirsty as a dog and feeling froggy, it’s just facts/An uncomfortable truth is like a loose tooth/ You’re better with it out, some go hear this and pout”

The song is rich of positive messages about how money pollutes peoples’ lives and the irresponsible decisions that follow. Brymo’s vocals on the hook let that message sink in. The explicit lyrics on the hook reinforcing M.anifest accounts ‘Person wey get money na e dey love/Oya cut me the paycheck mek we fuck/Sugar, sugar eh/Affection for favor, kini score/’ Brymo sings on the hook. Affection for favor.

The song paints a picture of the society we live in-though not all that pleasant-in an enjoyable and soothing track. The single is part of M.anifest upcomong album titled “No Where Cool”

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