Stellar poet Qui Qarre brings ‘Colors and Reflections’ to Nairobi

A lot is and has been said about revolution, liberation, struggle and all that comes with it, some have even put it on paper writing their way through stanzas as they attempt to document the history that is part of us, from great, odd, passive and straight to the point. The nature of these works speak and appeal to people in the most powerful of ways.

For young and fast rising Kenyan poet Qui Qarre there’s more to it, her expressive pieces resonate with the cry of the oppressed in the most unique and comprehensive ways, the talented young act discovered her poetic side around 2008 and has kept it as part of her study on life while she speaks for those unspoken of, ignored and the unheard. The musician, designer and poet does a lot of thinking and reflections and at the same time engaging her grandmother in tales of the ages, lessons from her and encouragement. Her love for jungle green is evident in the military fatigues she adorns, giving a picture of intelligence and forte.

The multitalented artist born Wangui Wangare was crowned Kenya’s Women Grand Slam Champion last year trouncing a number of great artists from her home country to clinch the much coveted accolade that earned her an opportunity to represent her country in the Women of the Poetry Slam in Dallas USA.

As she prepares for her trip to the US, the artist has lined up a number of events which include: ‘Colors and Reflections’, a showcase scheduled for February 18 at the Michael Joseph Centre in Nairobi. ‘Colors and Reflections’ is one of the events Qui hopes to put together in the hopes that she will use the proceeds to raise cash for her ticket to Dallas’ slam poetry event set for March 15-18. 

Qui will also have another event at Nairobi’s popular art hub PAWA254 on the 25th of February; the event is dubbed ‘Africa To The World With Words.’ 

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