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Stormzy Pledges Support for Black British Causes With £10m Donation

The war on racism is gaining momentum all across the globe inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement; at the same time, more and more celebrities are promising to lend a hand to this cause. The latest is UK grime superstar Stormzy.

The rapper has pledged £10m towards Black British causes over ten years. The donation targets charities, organizations, and movements committed to fighting racial injustices and black empowerment in the UK.
The artist acknowledges that a black person in the UK is always at a disadvantage simply because of their skin color, but the worst part of it is that the country fails to recognize and admit this truth.

The successful black artist hopes his contribution will play a crucial role in creating a level playing field for the black person to survive in a society where a racist system exists.

The artist has also contributed to educating two black students every year through his Stormzy Scholarship with the renowned Cambridge University.


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