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Stream Richard Bona’s New Release ‘Allô Fokou’

Legendary Cameroonian jazz artist Richard Bona has delivered yet another piece of music, which is a sharp criticism of the country’s leadership. ‘Send us the ropes,’ he poses in this poignant piece of poetry predominantly done in French.

Bona, currently based in the US, is a known critic of the Cameroonian leadership, eliciting serious public debate stemming from his exchanges with the leaders. As an influential figure, the singer uses his influence to address various issues affecting the country and, in many cases, engaging in a back-and-forth with specific executive members.

‘Allô Fokou’ terms the long-serving president as the real pandemic declaring that the entire nation under his dictatorship can neither speak nor shout, but one thing left is to call Fokou to send us the ropes… The Ninja declares; Stand Up! Wake Up! Freedom!

Check out the video here:


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