Tanzania stirs region with first-ever home-made chopper protect

Tanzania is set to produce choppers of its kind that will be entirely made it the East African nation. The helicopters are expected to be put to use by 2018.

According to dailynews.co.tz, the two-seater heli prototype project is in its final stages will be seeking approval for tests from the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority soon. The project was started about two months ago with the aim of facilitating rescue efforts, agricultural projects and surveillance but a decision was made to have it used for transport services.

Tanzania has been grappling with transport crisis occasioned by heavy traffic that citizens have become accustom to, but with the chopper fleet is expected to help ease the burden on the country’s transport sector.

The aircraft program, which is the brain child of Arusha Technical College, department of Mechanical and Engineering, has a chassis, airframe ready and runs on the U.S made Robinson choppers-like petrol powered Volkswagen flat engine. The prototype which bears a non-pressurized cabin has a flying ceiling of 400 feet for due to Arusha’s mountainous terrain but will be reviewed in due time.

“The Tanzania-made helicopters will fly before 2020 — and specifically 2018, which is two years from now,” said engineer Abdi Mjema, the man behind the project.

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