Tanzanian Fid Q’s new track “Sumu” proves why his poison kills bars

As we reel from the infectious “Fei” one of the incredible records from Tanzanian Hip Hop circles, which featured vocals from Sahara, Fid Q, one of Africa’s most reputable Hip Hop star has released a new track titled “Sumu”.

He is widely known for his conscious lyrics done almost entirely in Swahili, his lyricism and flow is consummate by many levels. On “Sumu” Fid Q packs more ‘poisonous’ punches with witty intelligent rhyme schemes and heavily loaded metaphors atop a gritty jazzy instrumentals. “Sumu” is a Swahili word for poison., the track speaks to the toxic people and how they would try to bring you down.

Check out “Sumu” here:

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