Tanzania’s Chindo Man summaries the street code on new single ‘Torati Ya Mtaa’

Tanzanian Hip Hop artist Chindo Man has released a new track ‘Torati Ya Mtaa’ which speaks about events and life in the east African country, with a few lessons on life that is the street code.

Chindo Man features some of the biggest artists Wakazi, Dully Sykes and legendary Tanzanian Hip Hop head Fid Q. The undistinguished voice of Dully Sykes adds a nice blend to the rather hardcore track full of metaphors and heavy Swahili punchlines.

‘Torati Ya Mtaa’ is the lead single off Chindo Man’s upcoming album also titled ‘Torati Ya Mtaa’. The video directed by Shebuge from Wanene ENT gives a contrasting depiction of the streets with placards that contain the ‘street codes’. The visuals were shot in Dar Es Salaam’s Tandale, Magomeni & Wanene Studios.

Check out the video here

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