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Tetu Shani Releases Much-Awaited EP ‘Just Because We Fight Doesn’t Mean We’re Broken’

The Kenyan artist has released the much-anticipated project Just Because We Fight Doesn’t Mean We’re Broken. The JBWFDMWB EP comes with a revelation of the artist’s personal experiences and musical realities journeying through the pain, fun, and all that in between.

The EP is a creation that trades that alternative pop chilly tempo, warm eccentric interpolations, mystique beat construction but stuck in that Tetu Shani bequest. The unmistakable songwriting, relaxed demeanor, and methodic delivery brought to life by the perfect experimental environment ease you into his impressive level of artistry, a train of vast soundscapes.

The 6-track EP is a work of a close-knit team that features productions from M3, vocals from Lisa Oduor Noah, and guitar contributions from Tugi Mlamba.

Check out the EP available on major digital platforms here.


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