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Tetu Shani Shares Title Track Off His Upcoming EP ‘Just Because We Fight Doesn’t Mean We’re Broken’

The new song follows his previous release ‘Don’t Know Me At All,’ knotting a series of songs from the upcoming EP scheduled for release on July 24.

The Kenyan artist describes the song as “a hypnotic yet percussive ballad that sounds as if Kizomba and Rhumba were slow dancing in a dive bar.” Speaking of dive bars, the song lends you a feeling you get when you stare outside a wooden window glass, with rusty seals. Then in that surreal moment, lost in the lyrics, you let your mind at ease, creating memories of past broken relationships, some of which you left unresolved. While comfortably seated in your favorite spot, it hits you, just how well a song is written that it easily breaks the boundaries between songwriting and real life.

‘Just Because We Fight Doesn’t Mean We’re Broken’ sees Tetu Shani softly crooning, setting the course for a personal and inspired EP. The song projects Tetu’s impressive songwriting skills woven in clean melodies, profound yet minimalist percussion fills, and low bass. Using his creative wits to push the boundaries of genre but skillfully serving his original signature, stretching expansively as the centerpiece of the song if not the EP, going by what he’s served up so far.

The song was produced by Tetu Shani and Mbogua Mbugua Mbugua (M3), other acts that have lent a hand on the song are Lisa Oduor-Noah on vocals, Tugi Mlamba and Fadhilee Itulya on the guitars.

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