The Nile Project On Tour In Egypt

The Nile Project is in Egypt this February for another gathering that will see artistes showcase and compose new music.

The fourth gathering which features diverse instruments and styles unique to countries along the Nile River gathering is taking place in Aswan Egypt.

Musicians have a chance to exchange techniques and collaborate on a new album dubbed “Tana” which will be released sometime in 2017.

Traditional musicians from 11 countries were selected out of a pool of 100 who submitted their applications.  Eight new artistes will also be participating.

New musicians:

·    Saleeb Lowza- Egypt 
·    Asia Madani – Sudan
·    Endalekachew Nigusie -Ethiopia
·    Msafiri Zawose – Tanzania 
·    Claude Ciza – Burundi 
·    Mohamed Kamal – Egypt 
·    Roza Kifle – Ethiopia 
·    Rapasa Nyatrapasa – Kenya

The Nile Project is lined up for appearances in Kenya (Wider Fest in Rift Valley), Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan) and Ethiopia (National Theatre in Addis). Workshops will be held in Egypt and Kenya.

The Nile Project is using the tour to launch its own University Programs in Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Last year’s tour was held in the United States.

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