The Pedrito Martinez Group releases new album “Habana Dreams”

Motema Music has announced the release of Afro-Cuban artists The Pedrito Martinez group’s latest album titled “Habana Dreams”.

Pedrito is a man at his prime, musically, so to speak. His influences which is a mix of Afro-Cuban folklore fused with jazz, hip hop and funk have helped define a unique blend to his music and talent. 

Having worked with a host of great artists during his career as a musician, Cuban born artist, formed The Pedrito Martinez Group in 2005 but their first Grammy nominated studio album wasn’t released until 2013, and now “Habana Dreams” is poised to define the path that the group will take.

The Wall Street Journal review described the album as ‘an album fit for a dance party’ followed by descriptions about the innovations developed by the group in coming up with the album. The paper’s subject with regard to the album is as true as the notes and sounds in the project. You would be wrong to expect nothing less than some kind of dance in Afro-Cuban music. 

“Habana Dreams” guest features include the likes of; Wynton Marsalis, Descemer Bueno, Ruben Blades, Isaac Delgado, Angelique Kidjo, Roman Diaz, and Telmary Diaz.

The album which was recorded in Cuba and New York released and is available on Itunes and Amazon.

Check out the album teaser

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