\\ Topher Jaxx new masterpiece ‘Go Away’ is distressing yet magical

Tanzanian singer, songwriter Topher Jaxx’s new chef-d’oeuvre speaks of love, broken hearts and letting go

Tanzanian singer Topher Jaxx is a gifted singer, a man of many ways when it comes to his art, after a short hiatus the singer is back and this time round he cooks up a mid-tempo bitter-sweet groove, but with a somewhat familiar sonic palate dubbed “Go Away”.

 “Go Away” opens with lazing guitar strings, then comes Topher Jaxx’s signature vocals as he effortlessly but yet painfully expresses his frustrations with love yet opening up with feelings of vulnerability and the emptiness of a broken heart. The singer expresses the interiors of a man who is helpless but certain that he is not willing but ready to let go. ‘Can’t wait for you anymore coz you remind me of ways to die’ he sings.

Topher is undoubtedly one of the best vocalists out of Africa, whom we have been keeping an eye on for a while, and this latest song is proof of why we dig only the finest.

 “Go Away” was produced and mixed by D. Knights.

Check out the single here:


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