Uganda hosts electronic music workshop targeting female entertainers

Electronic Music is slowly becoming a major attraction for music enthusiasts in Africa, we have witnessed a trend where many producers and musicians adopting this form of musical expression to pass across their messages.

Uganda has not been left out either, a new platform has been introduced to help nurture and build new music careers through networking and sharing knowledge and skills in this field. Femme Electronic is a three-day workshop for female participants to share knowledge and experiences and learn from various DJs and producers in Uganda and foreign acts.

The event targeting mainly beginners and hosted by Goethe-Zentrum Kampala is expected to run from 26-28th June.

DJ Rachael from Uganda and Ena Lind who hails from Germany are among the speakers who will be giving tips at the DJ and Music Production Workshop for Beginners on the unique genre of music and the business around it. The workshop will also have participants taught D’Jing skills using Vinyl turntables, CDJs and D’jing with computers, and a summary course on Music production using some of the most advanced music production software.

Willing participants should submit their applications by June 22 to 

Femme Electronic is an initiative of Goethe-Zentrum Kampala, Santuri Safari and top Ugandan entertainer DJ Rachael, Ena Lind on the other hand is a producer and DJ for House Music based in Berlin. She is a founder of the platform MINT and initiator of the education program MINT Campus.

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