Vita Malulu, the Tanzanian versatile artist with many hats

In 2006 Vita Malulu graduated from Bagamoyo College of Art, now called Tasuba. Thereafter, he would join Nafasi Artspace and also become a member of Norsesund Konstvandring Sweden.  Malulu is a man of many hats ranging from Painting, sculpting, music, dancing, print making and acting. 

Born in 1976, Malulu would let his art speak for him as he tackles issues affecting the social political construct of society. His art is abstract however it reveals intricate details that show that he borrows from realism.  He says that he aims at giving voice to the voiceless.   

Malulu started painting when he was in primary school and while in high school he would participate in signwriting as a trade. After school, he left Mwanza his birthplace to Dar es Salaam where he would bury his head in fine art. 

He is currently among the 14 artists exhibiting in Kenya, part of Tanzania Visual Art Expo 2017. 

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