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Voice Of The Meek: Nay Wa Mitego Releases Powerful New Single ‘Mungu Yuko Wapi?’ Featuring Shamy

We see a lot of cruelty in mankind, leaders who become dictators and kill just because they have power. Religious leaders who rob parishioners in the name of God to enrich themselves. The different faiths and how we can’t understand that we are different, but with a spiritual being, we look up to.

While this is happening, many of us chose to keep mum even as those close to us are hurting. But for the legendary Tanzanian artist, he is not letting it go. He decided to speak against the pretentious and cruel in mankind. He questions the existence of God, who is supposed to protect and guide the meek in society.

Nay takes to the musical podium and asks ‘Where Is God?’ a loose translation of the song’s title; he lets it out unequivocally, by making us aware that everyone has their own path in life. His lyrics would make the cruel people among us uncomfortable while provoking a sense of awareness, at the same time, passing a powerful message about what is happening around us and spirituality.

‘Mungu Yuko Wapi?’ is a powerful track, a result of poetic execution with powerful thought-provoking lyrics and accompanied by impressive cinematic visuals detailing the pain that each of us goes through either knowingly or unknowingly.

The single is Nay wa Mitego’s first release for this year.

Check out the video here:


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