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Steph Kapela Features Scar Mkadinali On ‘Wewe Ni Nani?’, An Anthem For The Street Smart

On this track, released a few days ago, Steph and Scar pick on the harsh side of life in the Kenyan capital Nairobi and boldly declare that they have mastered the survival code as they effortlessly trade bars incredibly.

In just above 3-minutes as the bouncy trap beat flows, you get a fascinating picture of the harsh street life. Whether you survive the awful encounter with rogue police, become a robbery victim, be on the wrong side of town, or find yourself in chains or hacked with a machete. It’s all about being ready for anything and do everything to survive. Scar cheekily references MCSK, a Kenyan music body which was recently accused of stealing from the artists after it released meager royalties for many artists.

The track was produced by Carpenter and the video directed by Callivan Creatives.

Check out the video below and download the track for free on soundcloud

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